Cheese and Pink Elephants

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Someday’s turn in Wisconsin – our LAST state on this monumental trek – started near the state’s capital of Madison in the small town of DeForest where dairy farms and pink elephants are the main attractions.

Our home for these short three days was a KOA where we accomplished some schooling, and Wayne and Dori made friends on the playground. A bronchial cold hindered momma a tad so the slow pace was welcome. Jeff’s first order of business was collecting a case of Spotted Cow beer – only sold in Wisconsin!

Our sole venture beyond the campground was a road trip to Madison. Starting at the capital building, we stumbled upon a collegiate expedition of sorts featuring presentations by students of various Wisconsin universities. One in particular caught our eye. It was a prototype of an online game for Yellowstone National Park targeting 4th Graders and the “Every Kid in a Park” program. Our 4th grader was more than happy to be a target tester and loved the program. A photographer snapped her photo for use in a piece summarizing the event – which of course, Dori loved!

Unfortunately, some rough housing as we left the rotunda building resulted in a foot injury for Dori (Note to self: It’s not a good idea to follow your older and much larger brother… especially when it involves jumping from a 4 foot stone wall … onto concrete… in Crocs!) Nevertheless our plan to explore downtown Madison on foot was jettisoned as daddy piggy backed Dori back to the car.

All was not lost as we opted to drive around touring the University of Wisconsin campus including the lake and football stadium/complex. Wayne declared Madison his favorite city after just a couple hours. Maybe we have a future Badger amongst us?

Other stops involved Wisconsin cheese and an odd – although apparently famous – roadside pink elephant. Ehlenbach’s Cheese Chalet, walking distance from our KOA, gave us our obligatory taste of Wisconsin cheese and Jeff and I marveled at the incredible variety – chocolate cheese, anyone? We purchased curds, string cheese, jalapeƱo cranberry and summer sausage to support the locals. The pink elephant is a bizarre life size tourist attraction located in a gas station just over the highway from our KOA. Not much more to report here.

Wisconsin means we are one state away from bringing this voyage to a close. It also marks the state where we signed the papers to finally sell our home in Bloomington… with the official close date ironically coming the day before we will return. Ten months. It is crazy how quickly the time goes. One final stop with friends outside Milwaukee before Someday gets a well deserved rest.

7 thoughts on “Cheese and Pink Elephants

  1. It has been wonderful reading your adventure. These months have gone by so fast. I will miss these posts and wish you the best when you settle in Texas.

  2. Wisconsin fun in Milwaukee if you need any! Sobelmans for the best burger ever and bloody Marys that are a meal. You can get get a whole fried chicken on your glass! Also pick up a pie in a bag at The Elegant Farmer/Mukwanago on 43 before you hit 39 south back to Bloomington.

  3. What a wonderful adventure!! We will miss following your family travels. It also made us come to know your delightful kids!! Love , Patty & Ger

  4. Oh no! This can’t be coming to an end! Please tell us you will continue to post even if you’re not traveling across the states. I will miss you all if you don’t keep in touch…….
    Thank you for taking me along on your journey…’s been a lot of fun!

  5. Madison is truly a great city/college town. Some of my Madison faves include Bascom Hall, where super fresh ice cream, cheeses, etc. from Wisconsin’s ag school are sold, and the National Mustard Museum in Middleton. BTW, the weather in Normal is near perfect these next few days. Thanks for “taking me along” on your fabulous journey!

  6. SOOOO Well written – This must have been written by Marci!!!!!

    be safe on these finals legs — ping us when settled — Jan & I will hit the Midwest to see the “next adventure” of The Family Pritz….

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