This Is It!

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We didn’t know it when we pulled in their driveway. But, as it turns out, our extended Easter weekend stay with dear friends Sam and Joe in Germantown, WI was the last stop on our epic 10-month escapade across this great country. An injury to Fitz, our Great Dane, has expedited our route back to BloNo, postponing a visit to family and friends in Chicago. In hindsight, this gave us a tidy end for our journey.

Someday was a perfect fit in the Rejc driveway in the cute suburban Milwaukee town. Sam and little 8-month old Reece were home to welcome us with Joe returning from work soon thereafter. A pleasant result of our time in Bloomington, Sam and Joe relocated to be closer to their family just a few years ago.

Like so many of our previous stops to visit friends and family, our focus was quality time with our pals, as well as the opportunity to meet and love on their adorable baby girl. Friday found Jeff, Joe and the kids on the links for nine-holes of golf that truncated to seven due to the wet conditions preventing the use of golf carts. Meanwhile, Sam and I enjoyed girl time – with and without Reece – doing mundane things like lunch, Costco, and other shopping. It was fabulous!

We celebrated our risen King on Easter Sunday with an early morning service at Sam and Joe’s church followed by hunting for baskets/eggs and brunch with their in-laws. Dori was excited to see the Easter Bunny tracked us down in Germantown. (Thanks Sam and Joe!)

Rewind to Saturday where the 80 degree weather lured us to get outside and explore leaving the Rejc’s at home to tend to Reece and mark off a few “honey do’s.” At their direction we went to Lion’s Den on Lake Michigan. We walked the water-logged, mushy and often muddy paths to the bluff overlooking the Great Lake. Eventually we made our way to a bridge and stairs which led us to the lake’s beach.

As Dori bravely submerged her feet in the chilly water while Wayne and Jeff watched from a piece of driftwood on the shore, it struck me how our trip had come full circle. Our first stop back in June was at the Indiana Dunes playing in the waters of Lake Michigan. Here we were again, this time in Wisconsin, enjoying the same lake after a ten-month journey through 30 states, over 12,000 miles and 70 stops. It was too perfect.

As we drive the 225 miles from Germantown to Bloomington-Normal – the final leg on this incredible, amazing, life-changing, challenging, inspired, tiring, exhilarating, unbelievable, can’t-believe-we-pulled-it-off trip, I am humbled, thankful, and a little sad to be at the end. Humbled at the grace and protection the Lord provided us. Thankful to everyone who joined us on this journey – whether by opening your doors, your hearts, your prayers, your emails, or a combination of all of the above. THANK YOU! We are truly grateful!


11 thoughts on “This Is It!

  1. The Lord has Blessed you…. And You all have Blessed us, by letting Us share in this amazing journey

    Hope to see you all before “Canton”

  2. Incredible what you all have done and the inspiration you’ve provided to all of us. Courage, faith, trust, resiliency, joy, humor, patience, and so much more you’ve carried throughout your journey. You can truly say you have seized the day, lived life with purpose, journeyed on the road less traveled – phrases that are in many ways words for most of us, but a lived destiny for you.

  3. Welcome home! At least to a temporary home before you pack up and move to your new home at the Embassy Suites in Denton, Texas. Hope Fitz didn’t get injured too badly.

  4. Just think of the wonderful memories you have made! Your children will never forget them! Anxious to see you when you get home!

  5. Congratulations! What a beautiful, fitting finale to an unprecedented experience. I’m sooo happy for you all. You are an inspiration to us all on so many levels. xoxo

  6. I have enjoyed seeing you guys travel the country for a year. You have experiences so many usual and unusual opportunities. May wisdom be brought back to mind from the experiences you have enjoyed and struggled to get through.

  7. A fitting picture to end your remarkable journey! We were so blessed to have you wth us for part of your trip, and are happy you are nearing home safe and sound…I bet all your Blo-No friends will be thrilled to see Someday coming around the bend!

  8. I have enjoyed your journey (“trip” just doesn’t do justice to what you have accomplished) so very much. Thank you for sharing and good luck in Denton! Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there 🙂

  9. Thanks to you guys for providing all that you did and saw — It has been a lot of fun to see what & where you were — you need to write a book!!!!
    Love Uncle Jack & Aunt Marty!!!

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